What Are Few Frequently Asked Questions About Account Health Rating?

Your Account Health page will provide you a total overview of your account’s adherence to various Amazon policies and the performance targets required as a seller of the Amazon platform. Amazon can always take action if you do not comply with its target.

Account Health

Amazon will regularly review your performance and notify you whenever they are off-target. This offers you an opportunity to improve. However, if the Seller performance Team finds you are underperforming repeatedly then your account may get suspended. You may however appeal for reinstatement and get help from Younglanes too.

The following are a few frequently asked questions about account health rating.

1. What is the basic purpose of this Account Health page (AHR)?

Account Health page

The purpose of this Account Health page is to provide you an overview of how you are adhering to Amazon’s performance targets and various policies set for selling on Amazon. For ensuring that Amazon is providing a great experience to the customers, Amazon may take action on all these metrics if it is not complying with its targets.

Therefore, Amazon will regularly review all the sellers and also notify them whenever anyone is found to be off-target.

2. How can I improve my AHR?

I improve my AHR

To improve your rating, you need to address the violations that are listed on the page of your Account Health report. You can either successfully appeal to them or edit your listings for ensuring that they are compliant with all the policies of Amazon.

Listing violations will not be removed from the AHR page for changing the listing’s status if you do not resolve the violation successfully.

3. What should I do if I find more complaints on my dashboard?

complaints on my dashboard

In case, you ever have any complaints, then take a few moments to review them after clicking the details on the proper section. You will find a history of everything that resulted in that complaint with their present current status and what next steps are needed to resume selling.

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You may click Appeal and submit your plan of action that must be approved by Amazon to resume selling. If you feel that complaint has been wrongly entered then explain it to Amazon and it will be corrected.

4. Whether a ‘Good’ AHR would mean that my account will not be deactivated?

policy warnings

Your AHR will include all policy violations and if it is not addressed then it will end up as account-level deactivation.

However, if Amazon finds any evidence of non-compliance with its contractual terms, regulations, local laws, tax requirements, or any other activity that is considered illegal, fraudulent, or may put customers at risk, then seller accounts can be deactivated, independent of your AHR.

5. How can I address any policy warnings where no next step has been listed?


There are certain cases, where your Account Health page may indicate that you have violated the Amazon policy a warning will be served. The best way of addressing your policy warning will be to cease those behaviors that are described in your warning message.

Normally any policy warnings will be removed from your page of account health after 180 days.


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