What Are the Key Duties of a Pilot?

A pilot is classified into different categories such as professional pilots, commercial pilots, and airline pilots. Each of these categories has different roles and responsibilities. A professional pilot is responsible to fly and navigate helicopters, airplanes, and other kinds of aircraft.

An airline pilot is employed under a company to transport cargo and people on fixed schedules. A commercial pilot works for firms that offer rescue operations, aerial photography, and charter flights.

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In this article, we are going to get in-depth knowledge about the responsibilities of a pilot. 

Duties of a Pilot

duties of a Pilot

A pilot has to perform the following responsibilities in his career.

  • Conduct pre- aircraft examination and post-flight examination
  • Choose the safest and the most efficient flight routes
  • Identify risks that could occur
  • Maintain precise records for compliance objectives
  • Communicate with appropriate personnel, and agencies
  • Ensure the maximum level of comfort and safety of the crew, aircraft, and passengers

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What Are the Qualifications Needs to Become a Pilot?

duties of a Pilot

A candidate has to satisfy various needs in relation to age, health, education, training, and certification:

  • Age: at least 18 years old
  • Health: His vision should be correctable to 20/20. There should be no physical disability. A candidate has to successfully pass written and physical exams to show his technical competence and physical wellbeing to an FAA-designated examiner.
  • Training: Should have undergone training in the military or have attended U.S. Federal Aviation Administration certified flight schools. He should also have 250 hours of flight experience
  • Education: A candidate should hold a bachelor’s degree with mandatory subjects as physics, math, English, and aeronautical engineering.
  • License: A candidate should possess a license of a commercial pilot to work as a pilot.
  • Certification: To become a first officer or an airline captain, a candidate has to have a transport pilot certificate.

What Soft Skills Do a Pilot Need?

Soft Skills Do a Pilot Need

A pilot has to have the following communication skills to excel in his career.

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Good analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Detail-oriented.
  • An ability to work under a team that comprises cabin crew, flight dispatchers, air traffic controllers, etc.
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills to get along with others easily
  • He should have the skills to execute tasks and projects on their priority basis
  • Conduct a business in a professional way
  • Easily adapt him to unusual working conditions, and working hours.


The job of a pilot is to fly an aircraft for varying reasons. The job duties largely vary depending on the type of pilot he is.  If you are looking to become make your dream career in this lucrative field, then along with aircraft flying skills, you would also need to have certain personality traits or soft skills. By identifying and enhancing your technical and soft skills, you can make a rewarding career in aviation.

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