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What Comes Out of the Perfect Solutions for Erectile Dysfucntion

Other active substances such as Tadalafil and Vardenafil exert the same effect; they are respectively marketed under the names Cialis and Levitra. These medications are medically prescribed and effective only if they are accompanied by sexual stimulation. But when it comes to the proper addressing of the whole process, then the use of blue chew happens to be essential.

  • The tablets should be taken orally between 20 minutes and one hour before intercourse.
  • The erection pump, a transient treatment against impotence
  • The erection or vacuum pump is a nonsurgical technique that allows you to quickly get an erection.

The man concerned with erection concerns introduces his penis into the cylinder-shaped pump. The air inside is evacuated and the difference in pressure causes an erection.

To maintain it, he then places a ring at the base of his penis and can then have a satisfying sexual relationship. The ring must be removed a maximum of half an hour after placement. Once the ring is removed, the erection disappears immediately.

Intracavernous injections, a fast and effective solution against impotence

Your partner does not like bites? Yet, they can help to cause an erection without being excited. Intracavernous injections – also called penile injections – consist in injecting into the cavernous body of prostaglandin E1. This substance is used for its vasodilator effect; it makes it possible to increase the caliber of the blood vessels, thus causing an erection.

Penile implants, the last resort to fight erectile dysfunction

When impotence cannot be treated by medication or any other method, the prosthesis is the last option to consider because it is irreversible.

There are semi-rigid prostheses and inflatable prostheses. The procedure lasts approximately one hour and the satisfaction rate is of the order of 95%.

Sex therapy: the effective solution when impotence is psychological

All the treatments proposed above are indicated to take care of impotence’s of organic and physical origin. However, erection problems can sometimes be psychological.

If this is the case, consulting a sexologist may be a good option. The sessions usually take place with your spouse in your presence.

They aim to establish dialogue within the couple, to restore confidence to your partner and to approach sex in a more playful way.

  • Before starting a drug therapy for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, it is recommended to consult a doctor: often, in fact, a simple chat with a specialist in the field is sufficient, or follow a couple psychological therapy, to solve the problem; not surprisingly, erectile dysfunction is often caused by anxiety and worries that afflict humans, and which subsequently flow into the sexual sphere.

Clearly, before proceeding with any treatment, be it psychological or pharmacological, it is essential to identify the cause that triggers the discomfort; for example, when the causative agent hides in a hormonal alteration, to resolve the erectile disorder it may be necessary to administer drugs aimed at blocking the action of excess hormones (responsible for inhibiting sexual desire), or ‘intake of active ingredients that replace substances that the body is lacking.

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