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Why Dieting at a Weight Loss Retreat Is so Much Easier than Doing It at Home

Up to 90 percent of the people, who go on a diet, regain all the lost weight in a year. They gain about 11 pounds for every diet. The news gets bleaker; people who diet lose fat and muscle. After slipping off a diet, they only gain fat. And, not muscle.

Muscle Burns Fat

Muscles burn seven times more calories than fat. Thus, their metabolism slows down, and even eating fewer calories is sufficient to make them regain their weight. Have you ever heard someone overweight say, “I don’t even eat a lot of food?”

Where People Go Wrong

People who go on a diet are highly enthusiastic. They will even buy books on secrets of losing weight fast. Skipping meals will come easily to them. This kind of enthusiasm fades usually after a week, month, and for some people within days.

“Well, we do not blame you.” At home, there are temptations stashed away in the fridge. Your family and friends can make dieting impossible, especially when they order delicious, greasy takeout. If you get hungry, you can go to a fast-food restaurant or easily order pizza.

Dieting often triggers more hunger. Your body was built to survive. All it wants is to survive by having enough food reserves. It will try to thwart your efforts by ramping up your cravings and slowing down your metabolism to conserve its fat reserves.

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Choose the Best Way –Weight Loss Retreat

Dieting at home is at most times, impossible. So, is there a solution? If you have tried all things and failed, consider going on a weight loss retreat. Pack up your bags and come to the great Bali Weight Loss Retreat.

Why Diet at a Retreat?

#1: Non-Judgmental Environment

At a retreat, you get to relax and lose weight at the same time. The best times will be with other people who have come to the resort to change their lives.

You will have specialists supporting you every day. At home, you might get discouraging comments from your friends and family. It happens every day.

#2: Vacation Experience

Have you worked for years, and years, nonstop? Well, take a vacation to our gorgeous location with beautiful sunsets every day. The retreat atmosphere is positive, and the environment is encouraging. You will have no worries in your mind. Thus, you will be able to tune your mind to weight loss only.

#3: Education Tools and Practical Advice

The internet is full of advice on health and fitness. It is hard to know what works. Weight loss resorts have real, solid proof, and working methods. They know the best route to weight loss and can teach you to live a healthy lifestyle.

#4: “You Will Not Be Alone”

Come with your friends or spouse to a weight loss retreat. You will be pushing each other. In fact, you even can challenge them.

If you are ready to revamp your health, feel more energetic and light on your feet, come to Bali Weight Loss Retreat.

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