Why Gender Gap in Exists in Employment?

Finding a job is always a tough nut to crack for many people especially women. Even if they are lucky enough to find a job, they tend to work in vulnerable conditions in low-quality jobs.  Fortunately, they have a few chances of improvement in the future.  People refer to the global gender gap in employment as the condition.


People desperately looking for jobs or working are part of the labor force. The current labor force participation rate for men is 75% and closer to 49% for women. There is a gap of 26%, and in some regions, the gap is more than 50%.

People talk about career development and achieving higher goals. However, how many women have such a chance? When they even face a hard time while finding a job. That is why has come up with a brand-new program. The other professional programs include women’s experience in the workplace. However, the professional program of focuses on the whole situation.

The program focuses on things happening before, during, and after a woman steps into her workplace. This program aims to promote overall well-being with long-term success and comprehensive health in women.

Vulnerable or unemployment


Women face a hard time while searching for jobs compared to men. These are the countries where women’s unemployment rate has exceeded 16%. When it comes to vulnerable employment, it is the case for both men and women.

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More likely, men will have to work in their account of employment in case of vulnerable jobs. However, women tend to overrepresent specific vulnerable jobs. Women only have a few options whether they help their relatives with their businesses or in their household. However, things are changing, so the condition of this gap in employment needs to change.

What are the persistent challenges?

There is something, or you can say some persistence challenges holding women from achieving their career goals.

These challenges are –

  • Work-family balance
  • Gender roles
  • Lack of affordable care
  • Lack of transportation

It is essential to tackle these challenges to achieve equal standing in the workplace and career development.

How to bridge this gap?


Now, the question is how to overcome these challenges to bridge the gender gap in employment. There are a few steps. Many developed countries are implying and are essential for developing countries to imply.

These steps are –

  • Managing occupational segregation
  • Achieving equal pay
  • Promoting work-family balance
  • Elimination of discrimination
  • Creating quality care jobs
  • Guarding against downturns.

The freedom to work with dignity, by choice, fairness, and safety is integral to human welfare. Guaranteeing women to have access to this right is an essential step. Even from the perspective of economics, reducing gender labor force participation can substantially improve global GDP.


Even the countries with the largest gender gaps will see significant growth benefits. At the same time, many developed countries with small or no gender gaps will also see a significant increase in their annual GDP at the time of near-zero economic growth.

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