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How Can You Benefit Your Health From This Malaysia’s Hidden Treasure?

Milky Mushroom
Here we are talking about The Tiger Milk Mushroom which is said to be Malaysia’s hidden treasure. Also called Lignosus Rhinoceros, this mushroom has been enjoying attention due to its nutritional and medicinal properties. Though it has been used by aborigines for 400 years, its popularity has been increasing recently due to its powerful healing properties which have treated illnesses like respiratory and lung diseases.

Tiger milk mushroom is one on-the-go remedy used by tribes for centuries to treat ailments like cough, fever, asthma, bronchitis, allergy, inflammation, and joint pains. But it had never become such a popular one due to its high harvesting cost and its unique way to grow and cultivate.

Now all thanks to our researchers and scientists, we have now been able to grow this mushroom in a large number. We also have Tiger Milk Mushroom supplement which has made it easier for people to consume them. For more details on these supplements, you can check with Nutrizus who has been into making this available for customers. You can check customer reviews for your satisfaction.

Milky Mushroom

Let’s look at the benefits of using this mushroom:

  1. Respiratory problems: This mushroom has an anti-inflammatory property that helps to reduce the body’s ability to react to allergens. In such cases, it works well for dealing with respiratory symptoms like asthma, sinusitis, coughing, and allergic rhinitis. People who are more prone to polluted environments or are heavy smokers can also benefit from this.
  2. Anti-inflammatory Compound: Due to its high anti-inflammatory compounds, it does have the ability to help relieve joint pain and any unwanted pains
  3. Revitalizing property: The sclerotia which are present in the mushroom can help you deal with the body’s oxidative stress. In this way, it can ease the harsh effects of premature aging.
  4. Boost your immunity: Tiger milk mushrooms do have some unique Glycan linkages, which trigger the immune response to fight against infections. It will boost the immune cells which indirectly helps the body to fight against infections and eliminate any unwanted toxins out of the body.
  5. Harmonizing Cytokines: Cytokines are small proteins that are important to control the growth and the overall activity of the immune system cells. Here, the tiger milk mushrooms can help to harmonize these cytokines which indirectly signals the immune system to do its job.

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Just like any other mushroom, this tiger milk mushroom has its medicinal value in the sclerotium (which is a root-like structure) found beneath the ground. So, when it is used, you only need to ground this sclerotium and consume it with drinks or beverages. You can also make a paste and apply it for any topical use.

So, when it comes to tiger milk mushroom side effects, it has been studied well by researchers who are sure that it does not contain any toxic compound. Hence it is safe to be consumed.

Future about this mushroom

Though the research is still going on, this tiger milk mushroom does have the ability to be a superfood (nutraceutical) or it can also be used to develop Nutri-cosmeceuticals.


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