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Most Important Questions That You Must Ask Before Cladding Your Exterior Wall

Wall cladding is an essential part of every home facade. On the other hand, selecting a suitable cladding for your exterior wall might be a challenging task. You need to consider several aspects like cladding material, exterior appearance, durability, insulation, and changing climatic elements. Keep reading on as we bring most important answers to your questions referring to your wall cladding project.


What is Cladding?

Wall cladding is a unique carpentry work on your exterior wall to improve the aesthetic beauty and protection of your building. Cladding also comes in prefabricated panels which are attached to the facade of your building. Additionally, it can have components like windows, doors, gutters, roofs and vents.

You can either choose cladding your existing building or the under-construction project as it does not affect the structural load-bearing. There are many cladding systems like horizontal, vertical, and overlapping panels to choose from.

You also have many options to select cladding materials such as wood, metal, and stone. Your carpenter can help you choose the right cladding for your home.

Possibly, you need to first set your budget or apply for Government funds for cladding. In case you have any cladding funds issues, you must click to get in touch with London’s expert legal consultant, Cladding Consulting Ltd.

What are the Key Features of Wall Cladding?

A good quality exterior wall cladding comes with many great features. Claddings can acts as fire-resistant, UV-resistant, corrosion-resistant, mechanical shock-resistant, and anti-graffiti. It helps in maintaining a controlled internal temperature by providing enough ventilation and thermal insulation. This also contributes to saving electricity.

Your home exterior is exposed to different weather conditions like extreme sunlight, rain, dust, and dirt. Cladding protects your building from such external elements. It also prevents the transmission of sound, cracks, and scratches. This increases your building’s life expectancy. Cladding features low maintenance costs.

How to Choose and Install Your Wall Cladding?

wall cladding

Different cladding materials have different installation techniques like nailing for wood and curtain wall system for cement or concrete buildings to make your home more durable and damage-resistant. Once you have designed your home, cladding can be installed.

Your choice of a particular style of cladding is based on the following criteria –

  1. Structural, planning and maintenance requirements
  2. Internal and external conditions of the surroundings
  3. The required life expectancy of your building
  4. Local regulations for home architecture
  5. Visible aspect
  6. Budget

Remember, an imperfect design and poorly installed cladding can lead to safety issues.

What is the Life Expectancy of Façade Cladding?

The life expectancy of your wall cladding is directly proportional to the quality of the cladding material. The premium cladding material with great features will last longer without the need for frequent maintenance costs. While choosing your façade cladding, you must prioritise the strength of the building structure to withstand the external elements for longer life expectancy.

You may use exterior-grade compact laminates with other materials like stone, tiles, and glass to create an attractive and unique facade design. Claddings are available from the expensive to the low-price range. Choose your wall cladding wisely without compromising safety, quality, or style.

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