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What Do You Need to Know About Property Inventory?

There are a lot of people who ignore the importance of property inventory. Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, having a property inventory is very much essential. This helps in protecting your investment. People who ignore this might end up wasting their money in the future.

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What is property inventory? It is nothing but a document that states the condition of your property and its contents when the assessment has taken place. The assessments are conducted usually twice, once during the tenancy beginning and the 2nd one at the time of exit. Why do you require a schedule of condition? Read on to know about it.

The most important part of inventory assessment is the schedule of conditions. This describes the condition of every aspect of the property, including the interior design, floors, ceilings, and walls. Contrary to popular belief, which holds that inventories only pertain to fixtures and furnishings, the Schedule of Conditions also provides protection against the structural damage which can occur during the period of the tenancy.

Both parties can clearly understand the way the property has changed throughout the course of the tenancy by having the 2 reports ready. The checkout report helps in outlining the areas that require special care, and these will typically be divided into “tenant” and “landlord” parts for determining the responsibilities of the respective individuals.

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The presence of these documents reduces the possibility of disputes between the tenants and owners. It is crucial for the tenant to understand during the inventory process since any damage or faults discovered during checkout must be taken care of by them. For the schedule of the condition report, you must contact a reputed surveyor.

How to choose a Surveyor for the Schedule of the Condition Report?

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  • Choose a surveyor with a better experience always. As the experienced surveyors will have a better idea of the way to prepare the report, it is best to choose the experienced ones over the new surveyors.
  • Compare the charges of the different surveyors to know who is within your budget.
  • Choose a surveyor from a reputed company to get an accurate report. It is safe too.
  • Compare the client reviews of the different surveyors to know who provides the best services to their clients. If you see any negative reviews, avoid hiring that surveyor.

Why do you need Property Inventory?

  • Having this report helps both parties get an accurate assessment of your property’s condition. Any problem areas will be included in this report, along with a detailed breakdown of who is accountable for fixing them.
  • A detailed inventory reduces the possibility of disagreements after the lease has ended. Yet if a dispute does emerge, having this report will guarantee the appropriate outcome.
  • It will be easier for tenants to hand over the property to the landlord in the correct manner if they have the agreement on hand, and it will serve as a reference for how to care for the property.

Hire the best surveyor today to get the property inventory done!

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