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Things You Need to Know Before Moving to Halifax from Toronto

If you are done with living a busy life or are simply looking forward to living a more laid-back life, moving from Toronto to Halifax is the perfect choice for you. Being an affordable and mid-size city, Halifax is a perfect city to live in. Compared to larger cities, Halifax is friendlier, beautiful, and accommodating.

However, moving to Halifax can be time-consuming and taxing, especially if you don’t have the right type of movers on your side. Therefore, it is best if you hire a professional moving service in Toronto like Miracle Movers. All their employees are well trained in packing, dissembling, and assembling. Also, they have a very cost-effective and transparent pricing system. So, if you are thinking of a moving company, surely call Miracle Movers and ask for a quote.

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All about living in Halifax

living in Halifax

Haligonians (people born and living in Halifax) are well-known for their welcoming hospitality. If you are new to the city, it will take you no time to become a part of it. If you are moving there with family, you will be relieved to know that there are many great schools and colleges in the city. This means that education is no more a concerning issue.

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Furthermore, the housing prices are much cheaper. While the average housing price was $746,000 in Toronto in July of 2017, it was only $300,000 in Halifax. If you are looking forward to renting a place instead, worry not as there are plenty of apartments and condos in the city.

Also, job opportunities in Halifax are great. There are always openings in fields like government services, fishing, mining, agriculture, forestry, natural gas extraction, etc. Furthermore, irrespective of what profession you are in, the jobs are well-paying.

The approximate annual salaries in Halifax are as follows:

  • Software developers: $58,000
  • Accountants: $46,800
  • Retail Manager: $44,500
  • Office Manager: $40,000
  • Administrative Assistant: $35,000

If you are an artist, you will see that the city gives you many opportunities to grow and expand. Since the majority of the crowd is young, artists and other creative individuals are getting enough attention and breaks.

On the other hand, if you are retiring and moving to Halifax, you will be overwhelmed with the peace of mind, and the scenic neighborhoods of the city. If you wish to live in a strong community, you can pick anyone from – Bedford, Dartmouth, Clayton Park, Fall River, Halifax-Peninsula, Halifax-Mainland, Kingswood/Hammond Plains, Timberlea, Sackville, and many more.

Moving to Halifax

For sure by now moving to Halifax must be sounding more sensible to you. Well, it surely is an excellent idea. Once you have found an ideal home in a stunning neighborhood, simply contact a moving company and start packing. The cost of moving from Toronto to Halifax might get expensive, but the better quality of life offered in the city will definitely cover it.

In simple words, everything will be better once you move to Halifax. You will get better value for your income and even get to enjoy a more relaxed life. If you are a party person, don’t worry either. The number of clubs and joints in Halifax will impress you. So, think no more. Today is surely a good day to make the decision.

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